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Frequently Asked Questions About The Lagos State Small Claims Court

One of the major hindrances of access to justice has always been delays. Simple matters become prolonged as a result of unforeseen circumstances and long adjournments. Delay is also used as a tactic for frustrating a claimant to eventually abandon his claim. When a matter is unnecessarily prolonged, the defendant benefits but the claimant loses […]

Legal Requirements For The Purchase of Landed Property In Nigeria

What is the Procedure For Buying Landed Properties? What are the laws regulating property transactions in Nigeria? Legal requirements for buying landed properties in Nigeria   Buying a landed property in Nigeria is not as straightforward as going to the grocery store to buy an item. There is more to owning a house or a […]

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Legal Requirements For Operating A Courier Business In Nigeria

Quick Insight For Courier Business (Companies) Minimum Share Capital:   N2Million Regulatory Body: NIPOST ( The Minister Through The Postmaster General) Cost of License:   N2Million (Domestic)    N10Million (International) Duration of License: 1 Year Cost of Renewal: N350,000 (Domestic)   N1.5Million (International) The Courier business is one of the regulated businesses in Nigeria and the provisions relating to […]

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Minimum Share Capital Requirements For Companies Under The Nigerian Law

The required minimum share capital of a company is dependent on either the objects of the company, type of company or statutory provisions regulating that company. The primary law on the registration and regulation of companies in Nigeria is the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 2004 (CAMA) while the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is the […]